Project WET Teacher’s Workshop

Project WET Teacher’s Workshop

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Thursday, September 7, 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM

The AHS teacher workshop will offer professional development that evolves teachers’ instructional practice and water related content mastery through real-world and relevant learning. With the theme of watershed management for Arizona’s future, we will delve in to the thinking about the impacts of climate change, drought, forest management, conservation and water reuse on surface water and groundwater resources. In addition, teachers will study watershed management from the perspective of STEM careers. This workshop also offers teachers an opportunity to attend a presentation session and hear the luncheon speaker as they dine with Symposium attendees.

Workshop Leader

Pamela Justice, Senior Education Coordinator, has represented Arizona Project WET at the Maricopa County Cooperative Extension office since 2003. She coordinates educational and outreach programs that improve the understanding of both youth and adults regarding water issues. She also develops and delivers curriculum and professional development in STEM literacy. She led four water festivals in 2016, delivering professional development workshops for teachers; coordinating logistics and evaluation with teachers; recruiting and training volunteers; organizing festivals for up to 1,350 students at a time; and developing partnerships for program sustainability. In 2016, Justice engaged 1,535 sixth grade students in 57 classes in the Water Scene Investigations home water audit within the Gilbert, Higley, and Chandler School districts.