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AHS invites you to support the 2015 Annual Symposium. Your sponsorship / exhibitorship not only supports the educational efforts of AHS as we upgrade the knowledge of hydrologists and water professionals, but it’s also critical to advancing our public outreach goals. And a sponsorship benefits your organization by recognizing your commitment to AHS and to water, the most important resource in the Southwest.

You can help in one of these ways:

  • Sponsor at the Platinum ($5,000 or more), Gold ($3,000), Silver ($2,000), Copper ($1,000), or Event ($200–$400) sponsor and enjoy many benefits, including exposure on our web site and at the symposium. [LEARN MORE]
  • Become a premium ($800) or standard ($600) exhibitor and gain valuable exposure for your organization at the event. [LEARN MORE]

For more information, contact Alan Dulaney, Planning Committee Chair, at (480) 695-1343 or (623) 773-7357, or by email at Alan.Dulaney@Peoriaaz.gov.