Welcome to the 28th Annual Symposium of the Arizona Hydrological Society.

Growing awareness of drought and the potential for water shortages characterizes 2015. The public is concerned, politicians are paying attention, and professionals must explain what has happened and what may occur. This underlies our theme: Where Did the Water Go?

The theme of this year’s symposium refers to much more than just drought, however. Water is constantly moving, whether underground, in surface channels or in the atmosphere. Water stored underground must be recovered, and wells are the conduit for groundwater withdrawals. Legal frameworks move water between rights, between programs, and within regions. Water moves between sectors — especially from agricultural to municipal and industrial — yet environmental needs and ancient tribal rights must be considered. Modeling predicts what water might do in the future. Water quality issues impact almost all uses and claims. A vast body of knowledge is wrapped up in the timely theme “Where Did the Water Go?”

Quick Facts

  • Registration. An innovative two-tiered registration system will hold the cost down for most early registrants. Early registration has been extended until August 22. Act now to save!
  • Exhibitors. Exhibitors will be on hand to show off the latest in drilling technology, laboratory analysis, and more.
  • Workshops. Two workshops are planned in addition to the Project WET workshop for teachers. Certified floodplain managers take note — the Section 404 CWA permitting workshop is approved for up to 4 CECs.  Don’t miss out!
  • Field trip. A field trip to the Verde Valley to view features of Oak Creek and the Verde River will be led by experienced geologists.

And several sponsors have recognized the importance of the annual symposium with their support.